Acquiring and Installing The SpatialMatch® WordPress Plugin

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** Note: You can click on all images to see a larger view of them.  They will open in a new browser tab.**

Step 1:  Download the SpatialMatch WordPress Plugin.

You can download the latest version of the plugin by clicking  HERE  (Download will begin automatically as a .zip file to your download folder).

Step 2:   Log into your WordPress site, and go to the “Plugins” section.

Once you log into your WordPress site, you can find the Plugins section on the left hand side of the navigation menu.  Click on Plugins.  It looks like this:

This is what your Plugins section looks like.


 Step 3:  Click “Add New” button atop of the Plugins section.

This is where you click "Add New" in the Plugin Section

Step 4:  Next, click “Upload” as show on the image below.

Click Upload

 Step 5:  Next, Click “Choose File” , locate the .zip you downloaded, and hit “Open”

Step 6:  Click “Install Now” and your plugin will install as shown in the images below.

Install Your Plugin

Step 7:  Go to the “Plugins” section, find the “SpatialMatch” Plugin, and click “Activate”.

 Step 8: Input your License Key into the SpatialMatch Plugin.


If you need to find your license key simply login into the Customer Dashboard to retrieve them.

Click HERE to go to the Dashboard (opens in new window).

Your installation is complete.